Border collie is a very famous breed of dog with high level of energy and intelligence. The breed originated from “Scotland” even though the term “Collie” comes from the native Scottish language that means “sheepdog”. Here we are describing tips & tricks to train a Border collie.

Train a Border collie

About Border Collie:

The border collie is an intelligent breed with beautiful black eyes and ears, white chests, and underbelly. They are very light on their feet with their endless athletic energy. These are working dogs if they don’t get sufficient stimulation they get bored easily. They are naturally talented for hard sheep. The sizes of these breeds are medium which is 18 to 20 inches tall with 55 pounds weight.

As per studies it has been proved that they are the most intelligent dog breeds. They are capable enough to learn up to 200 words if they are trained properly by their owners.

How to train a Border collie

Training a Border collie is a time-consuming process especially when you are training dogs. Patience is the key when you are training a Border Collie puppy. Here we have described some important things to keep in mind while training Border Collie.  

1. Choose the basic command

Border collie is a high-level intelligent breed that doesn’t mean they can get trained easily. The practical way to train them is to choose a basic command like asking them to “sit” or asking them to give a “paw” to teach them how to sit. When they follow the command successfully reward them with their favorite toys or balls. 

2. Gather training tools

You need to make sure to have the right training tools to train your dog. There are so many training tools rather than just essential. The choices of training tools depend on what you are teaching them. Here are some of the essential training tools you will need to train your dog such as a tennis bowl, leash or harness, and soft mat.

3. Use short commands

Always try to use short commands while you are teaching your dog new tricks. Try to express these short commands with force which will assist them to separate directions from normal speech.

4. Reward good behavior

Reward your dog with a small treat when they follow your commands correctly. For example, give them their favorite toys when they use the restroom outside the leash.

5. Be Patient

Dog training is a time-consuming process it doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be patient as they take time to understand a command for the first time because it’s a new thing for them to learn. Please make sure to use a firm tone of voice throughout training periods.

6. Consider a dog trainer

If your dog is having behavioral problems always consider a dog professional for extra help or sending your dog to the training program. Additionally, if you want your dog to take advanced training you can send them to a training school for professional training techniques.

5 Reasons to have and train a Border Collie as your pat:

Border collie is one of the smart, energetic, enthusiastic beloved breeds. If you have them as your pet in your life you know what I am talking about. Here we have mentioned 5 reasons to have Border collies as your pet-

1. They are extremely intelligent

Border collies are honored with a remarkable degree of intelligence. They are famous to have a quick learning capacity during training which is above average.

The breed has been a flock guard for many years. They are highly proficient in their work Because of their superior working dog qualities; they were the breed of choice for many shepherds and are still in use today.

One of the biggest qualities of border collies is to have adaptable and flexible character and they are easy to train.

2. They are amazing athletes

Border collies are known as good athletes because of their stamina, speed and which is required in their original job of herding. They are also known as the Olympians of the canine world.

3. They save lives

Border Collies are used  in search and rescue operations in addition to herding. Saving life is more like a hide-and-seek game for them, their strong work capacity to focus  and work ethics makes them perfect for this job. 

4. They are loyal to their pet parent

Border collies are a very affectionate, loyal, fun-loving, and caring breed among all breeds. Border collies have an instinct to protect their loved ones when they feel they are in danger. They are very sensitive and tend to have a protective nature towards their pet parent. 

5. They are great adventure buddies

Border collies are the perfect adventure buddies. Their endless energy and affection for the outdoors makes them the best travel partner with whom you can travel the world. 

Tips & Tricks for training Border Collie:

  • Research about the Border Collie as much as you can before bringing them home.
  • Start with socialization, you should socialize them with as many people and places as possible because it will help them to be less reactive when they are out in public.
  • Give them plenty of exercise before training such as walking or running at the dog park as it will help to burn off their excessive energy.
  • Give them a short training session for about 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Positive reinforcement is the most basic yet very important thing during training sessions. Your Border Collie should receive lots of treats after completing training properly.


Border collie is a very popular breed with a high level of intelligence. They originated in Scotland. Here we have described about Border Collie breed and how to train them with some tips & tricks. We have also mentioned the reason to have a Border Collie in your house as a pet. If you are thinking of having Border collie as a pet in your house you can consider reading the blog.

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