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Trace on Cool Math Games is a free browser-based game to experience escape rooms with their friends in the virtual world. In this game, players are trapped inside the mysterious house. Players need to make their way through hints and hidden items. These hints and hidden items will eventually help you exit from the mysterious house and get back to your regular life. Here we will provide you with some solutions and instructions to escape the mystery house. But before that let’s learn how to solve traces on Cool Math Games with this trace walkthrough guide.

Trace Walkthrough : mHow to Play Trace on Cool Math Games

The easiest way to beat trace escape room is figuring out how clicking functions. Like many other point-and-click games, it doesn’t give you clues from the scenes by floating over specific pieces of them. All things considered, you need to tap on the area for more than one time to zoom into it. Even there are no on-screen arrows to cooperate with an item. At that point, you’ll simply need to click it. Once the thing is in your stock, you can tap the amplifying glass close to it for possible hints.

Here we are going to play this game room by room So that we get out of this mysterious house as soon as we can through this Trace walkthrough. 

1. The Washroom:

You must first get the half-pair of scissors from this sink. After that, enter 5472 into the safe behind the image rather than searching the area for the room’s combination to exit. You should place the lightbulb that appears here inside the pumpkin-shaped cabinet in the cabinet to the left of the toilet. There’s a red tile in the other cabinet under the sink that has a key on it. The bathroom door’s sliding puzzle is unlocked with this key.

Now move the pieces of the puzzle around to make sure that all of the yellow and green pieces are on the right side of the riddle. Move the red piece over the green lock square to open the entryway and leave the main room

2. The House:

 In the next segment, Our Trace walkthrough takes you through the house. Your goal is to exit the house and enter the adjacent tower. To begin with, let’s obtain every object that can be obtained without solving a riddle. Among these are:

  • A moving figure is situated between the couch and the potted plant.
  • A battery is situated under the cushion couch.
  • A toy horse in the top desk drawer.
  • A star beneath the couch and on the artwork.

These things won’t be useful to you right now, but they will be far more useful in the future. After resolving those, begin by working on the planet puzzle located near the bay window.

2.1. Complete the Metal Plate:

A cabinet is situated under the bay window. To obtain a Metal Plate, adjust the planets inside to match with outside of the glass and push the red button. Examine the window with the Toy Horse beside the restroom. To make the horse’s eye land on the diamond, bend the neck in that direction. The second part of the Metal Plate can be released by pressing the horse’s button. Resolve this puzzle from the opposite side of the window after you can enter the porch.

2.2. Obtain the Box Cutter and Green Key:

The room is filled with several red buttons. Press the following to unlock the gray chest on the end table: fish tank, fan, computer, planet puzzle, behind the house painting, and finally the gray chest. To uncover a red button in the painting, line up the symbols on the Metal Plate with the wall’s levers.

2.3. Retrieve an additional 5 Stars:

Enter the yard with the Green Key. Take a left and flip the blocks on the wall, starting from left to right through round pot plant to tall pot plant to short pot plant to painted pot plant. Snatch the star, the one that is under the table, and one more by the piano. The last one is under the edge of the nightstand. Go to the desk area and open the drawers in a specific order: X, O, X, O, and U, to get a magnet. It will help to pull the fifth star from the tube.

2.4. Obtain the Brass Key:

First, start by cutting the carpet with the Box Cutter beneath the end table. The floor puzzle’s secret can be unlocked by inserting the batteries into the light above, which will also yield the submarine and puzzle piece. Finish the puzzle on the table and step outside into the porch. You can now return inside and extract the Brass Key by using the Box Cutter on the couch arm.

2.5. Unlock the front door:

Use this code 2,6,3,6,1,6,1 to eliminate the panel on the door. Press the red button after placing a single Star in each color area as seen in the screenshot below. The action figure is on the porch, on a shelf by the door; pick it up before you head out.

3. Escape the Planet:

Now, it’s the final stage of our Trace Walkthrough journey. Approach the tower and take a left turn to a dead end. A tiny end table and a frame with a puzzle resembling the one behind the house painting are visible.

First, finish the puzzle on the little end table. To receive a Dragon Action Figure, Type I DID DEEDS. After that, finish the puzzle on the wall by moving the letters S, X, lowercase D, downward arrow, and squiggly line from left to right. You’ll also get a key and an additional action figure.

Go to the yard and open the umbrella with the key you just got. It will spread out, concealing the close by seat and a picture of a wizard’s cap. Inspect the seat and take a screenshot utilizing the camera capability to use as a kind of perspective.

Return to the tower and open the door of the first floor. Can you see the stuff on the door? Follow the picture of a wizard’s cap, a similar one you took a screenshot of.

Now, track down the eight lights by gazing towards the roof. Click the lights in the following order, using the screenshot below as a guide. 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 4. After that, the four activities that you found, put them on the platform. Start from left to right through Phoenix, dragon, vampire, and troll. Save the screwdriver for later.

4. The Final Part:

This is the most difficult part out of the three. Return to the house and utilize the screwdriver on the board under the rack by the fish tank. Enter the secret key to access the pinnacle app on the PC. Finish a round of MatheMagic. It will help you understand the sigils expected to open the safe incorporated into the work area.

What you will find inside is a book containing a day for kickoff, a few pictures, and a progression of planets hung along with an arrow. Go to the second floor of the pinnacle and move forward the board at the back, highlighting dials with shapes. From left to right: Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Square, Triangle, and Circle.

Click GO after matching the lunch date and flight plans with the planets and date listed in the book you found in the desk safe. Get back towards the house and step towards the narrow window. 

Can you see the pyramid? It has dark spots everywhere. Each dark spot changes colors. The challenge is to match the colors to the solar system diagram that appears after you punch in the flight plans. When finished, snatch the highest point of the pyramid to uncover its key.

Get back to the washroom to see that it’s locked. Use the pyramid key to unlock the door and get inside. Open the lock of the toilet with the help of a Brass key. After that, uncover the lid and you are free.

Final Thoughts:

That’s it for the complete walkthrough guide for Trace. It’s a fun game with fascinating artwork and quiet brainstorming. In this blog, we have mentioned the complete step-by-step guide to playing the trace game.

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