Snapchat Planets

If you’re a member of Generation Z and you use social media frequently, you probably know about the Snapchat app. Among Gen Z users, Snapchat is without a doubt the most popular social networking app. Snapchat Plus enhances the messaging experience with exciting new features, even though the app already has a ton of features. With its paid subscription, Snapchat frequently rolls out new features like changing the app’s appearance, seeing who has re-watched your story, and designating particular pals as BFFs. Snapchat Friend Solar System, a new feature of Snapchat’s Plus subscription that gives your close friends a planet, was to assist you in understanding the latter. 

You have arrived at the correct spot if you are looking for more information about these Snap planets. We will study these planets in this article, along with their proper order, meanings, and other information.

What are The Snapchat Plus Planets?

Snapchat Plus Planet is a new feature on Snapchat’s user interface. This feature has been appreciated by different people who are from different countries. You can select from a variety of alternatives on Snapchat Plus when selecting your usual group of eight closest pals. They can remain in a circle. But Snapchat has devised a brilliant method to add some spice to its user interface. You can also give your best friends eight planet spots.

Every Snapchat planet has its distinct visual characteristics. If you have been allocated the Mercury planet by someone, it indicates that you are their closest friend.

The meaning of Snap Planets is rather simple. It resembles the motion of all the planets around the sun. Snapchat Plus has developed a straightforward idea. However, it works incredibly well to strengthen the bonds between you and your closest friends.

Snapchat planets: How Does The Friend Solar System Work?

You must be familiar with the appearance and function of an actual solar system. Every planet in our solar system orbits the Sun and has a specific distance between them. You are the Sun in your friend’s solar system if you utilize Snapchat Plus.

Mercury is the first Snapchat Planet, assigned to your best friend on Snapchat, or the person you have the closest bond with. Your top eight best friends on Snapchat are given a planet according to how close you are to them and this process is also applicable to your next eight best friends.

Additionally, we have provided a detailed explanation of Snapchat planets along with the associated emoji below to assist you better grasp what they mean:

1. Mercury:

In the actual solar system, Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun. It stands for being near the star. The Snapchat Planets order is the same situation. You are the closest friend if you have been given the Mercury sign. It indicates that you are your friends’ best friend overall. On Snapchat, the Mercury planet is red with red hearts surrounding it.

2. Venus

Like the real solar system, the order of the Snapchat solar system functions. If you were given the Venus planet, you would be the second person on the list to be best friends. It’s brown beige on Snapchat with hearts in pink, yellow, and blue surrounding it.

3. Earth:

If someone has been assigned the planet Earth, that person is your third best friend. Furthermore, if someone has made you their planet Earth, it is vice versa. Earth on Snapchat resembles the real Earth in appearance. It is a planet with green and blue, surrounded by red hearts and a moon. This follows a flawless snap planet order and functions exactly as it does in reality.

4. Mars

The planet Mars is one of the snap planets. You are your friend’s fourth best friend if they have placed you on the planet Mars. Your friend’s fourth favorite person is you. The blue and purple hearts encircle the red planet Mars.

5. Jupiter

The solar system’s fifth planet is called Jupiter. The order of Snapchat Planets is also applicable. On the other hand, out of the eight planets, the person you have assigned to Jupiter is your fifth best friend. The planet has an orange color. Pink, blue, and yellow stars are around the planet.

6. Saturn

Saturn is the next planet, and it has magnificent rings. Your friend becomes your sixth best friend in Snapchat planets when you designate this to them. In Snapchat, the planet Saturn has a golden ring surrounding it and is yellow. Pink, blue, and yellow stars around the planet.

7. Uranus

The seventh planet in our solar system is Uranus. It’s the same on Snapchat. When someone becomes your seventh best friend on Snapchat, you assign them the planet Uranus. On the other hand, the planet is green, while the stars surrounding it are yellow.

8. Neptune

The eighth planet in the solar system and on Snapchat is Neptune. You are someone’s eighth-best buddy if they have assigned you the Neptune sign. The planet Neptune is surrounded by blue stars, giving it a blue color.


The Snapchat planets address your dearest companions. If you are the sun, you can relegate a planet to your companions. If somebody in your companion circle is the sun, the person can relegate you to a planet. It is a tomfoolery game. It makes things hot and makes Snapchat seriously captivating.

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