ClickASnap is an internet based photograph sharing stage intended for photographers. ClickASnap is a web-based platform where users can earn money by uploading photos. Individuals who are proficient photographers can share their work on this stage and bring in cash on the web. Professional photographers are not the only ones who can use this platform; indeed, even ameteure photographers can utilize this stage to add a few bucks to their pockets.

We will provide complete information about ClickASnap in this article, including its features, user experience, earning method, and how the platform works for you.

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is a unique photo-sharing platform in the US. It’s a legal platform that provides earning opportunities to photographers every time somebody views clicks and downloads your photo. This platform is not like other photo-sharing platforms. It has a different feature to earn money online. 

Here we are going to mention a detailed process on how to use ClickASnap.

How to use ClickASnap?

As we referenced above, ClickASnap is an internet based photograph sharing stage where proficient photographic artists also as beginner photographic artists can share their portfolio and earn a few additional bucks.

You must sign up for an account on ClickASnap before you can begin your journey there. The stage offers to make free account, pro account, and pro seller account.

Free account:

One can initially start using the application by creating a free account. However, you will face a few restrictions on ClickASnap. It includes, limitations on the number of photographs you can transfer and limited customization choices for your profile.Additionally, it’s an excellent place for amateur photographers, and for those who are skeptical about the platform’s legitimacy.

Pro account and pro seller account

The Pro account offers additional features as compared to the free account. You will need to select a pro account or even a pro seller account if you want to gain access to additional features like selling digital downloads or stock photos. A variety of features is offered by pro account and pro seller account. Here we have mentioned some of the best features of a pro account.

Pro account features:   

  • It offers an ad-free browsing experience to its users.
  • It allows its users to upload more images with its higher upload limits.
  • Pro account allows their user to get access to detailed analytics such as engagement, earning, views, rewards, etc.
  • The Pro account members can customize their portfolios by using themes, layouts, and branding options.

Pro seller account features:

  • A pro seller account includes all the advantages of a pro account.
  • Pro seller account allows their users to get access to premium editing tools.
  • It offers exclusive features to its pro seller account users. These exclusive features include- priority placement in search results and access to premium editing tools.
  • It allows its users to set prices for their photographs.

Payment setup: 

ClickASnap generally offers different types of payment methods. It includes bank transfers, PayPal accounts, and many other payment methods. One of the most common payment methods includes a PayPal account linked with your ClickASnap account for an easy payment process.

Profile customization:

Customizing your profile with a high-quality picture and captivating bio is essencial, regardless of account type. Well-customized profiles draw more attention from subscribers and buyers. Eventually, it will help in higher views and higher earnings.

Features of ClickASnap:

1. User-friendly interface

To sign up for a new account, ClickASnap provides a simple interface. By completing the registration form, you will be able to easily set up an account. A Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account is another option for creating an account.

2. Quick Upload

ClickASnap offers a feature where users can upload their photos quickly. This feature provides an upload button. Click on that button, it will display a new window on the screen. You can simply browse the photos or drag the photo to the window.

3. Earn Money

One of the best features of ClickASnap is that users can generate income by uploading unique photos on their profile. Users can earn $0.4 for every image view. When your account gets credited from $ 15 through photo view, you can claim for a quick transfer. Additionally, you can earn some more money by selling digital prints of their photos on the platform and allowing digital downloads.

4. Community Interaction

It’s another important feature of ClickASnap. It includes a community of photographers, where users can interact with their favorite photographers. It’s a great way to interact and engage you in photography discussion. 

5. Free and paid subscriptions

ClickASnap includes paid subscriptions as well as free subscriptions. However, a free subscription comes with restrictions such as uploading a limited number of photos and limited per-view income. A paid subscription has its benefits such as higher upload limits, higher per-view earnings, monetization, privacy, and more.

6. Copyright protection

This feature of ClickASnap offers protection from copyrights through watermark and image encryption.

7. Analytics

It is one of the important features of ClickASnap. It provides a detailed analysis of uploaded photos. Only paid members can have access to these analytic tools. It helps in providing insights about image views, likes, shares, and income.

8. Monetization

This feature helps photographers earn some extra money by adding digital monetization to their images.

9. Marketplace

ClickASnap provides a marketplace feature for photographers. It allows them to sell different prints of their images directly to buyers. It includes canvas prints, framed prints greeting cards, and more.

10. Referral programs

This feature of ClickASnap, allows their users to earn extra rewards every time they refer a new user to ClickASnap. 

How to make money on ClickASnap:

Paid views

Paid view is an essential method to earn money on ClickASnap. On clickASnap, your image is counted as viewed or paid view. When someone has viewed your photo for more than five seconds your image is considered a paid view. You may earn a small amount, but with a large following and high-quality content, it can quickly become a huge amount.

Stock photography

You can also sell your photos as stock photos with ClickASnap. Digital downloads can be purchased directly from the platform. Utilizing existing content to generate additional revenue is a great strategy.

Through Pro seller account

On the off chance that you are an individual from pro seller account, you can bring in additional cash by utilizing the additional features of a pro seller account. 

Its additional feature allows you to set prices for digital prints, and digital downloads and showcase your image on different merchandise.

Via Payout

Once you have reached the minimum balance, you can ask for a payout. PayPal provides you with a safe and effective means of receiving your hard-earned money because payments are made securely. 

ClickASnap review: is it legal or a scam?

We often question the legitimacy of a newly emerged platform. Is clickASnap legal or is it simply one more scam? ClickASnap is the most genuine and top-rated photo-sharing platform. It is mostly famous for its payment process. The platform transfers your earned money to your bank account within 24 hours. Additionally, there are numerous ways to make money through ClickASnap which we have mentioned above.

Is ClickASnap worth it?

Considering everything, from its easy-to-use versatile application to its genuine cash-earning potential, ClickASnap can be worth the effort for people who are serious about photography. Whether you’re an amateur photographer, simply hoping to make additional cash, or an expert picture taker hoping to enhance your revenue sources, ClickASnap offers a convincing bundle that is difficult to disregard.

ClickASnap is a genuine platform for photographers, hoping to adapt their energy or side interest. While it won’t make you rich short-term, it can offer a constant flow of income, and automated revenue whenever utilized accurately. It is a platform worth considering for any photographer because of its unique pay-per-view system, social media integration, and numerous monetization options. 


ClickASnap is a one-stop destination for experienced photographers as well as amateur photographers. It’s an excellent platform to earn money online through sharing photos on your profile. In this article, we have mentioned almost everything about ClickASnap. We have included its features, Payment process, earning process, and more.

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