Point care CNA or POC CNA is a cloud based healthcare software. It’s a platform presented by pointclickcare for certified nurses (CNA), patients and medical care associations. Medical services experts may effectively speak with their patients because of their platform, which allows them to access all the information of their patients.

Point of care workers are healthcare experts who provide personalized healthcare under the supervision of licensed nurses. CNA works closely with nurses and healthcare providers to provide direct care to patients in different places including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. Their duty is to help patients in completing their daily activities for example- bathing, dressing, and feeding. They even keep a check on their vital signs, blood sugar levels, blood pressure to help the health care nurses and doctors to make decisions faster.

Healthcare providers can use Clickpointcare CNA software to access medical services related information, financial execution, drug store related information, care delivery, appointment management, revenue management and more.   

Process to Sign up & login CNA Point of Care:

To access the Pointclickcare CNA platform users should go through the process to sign up POC CNA. This process is important to ensure secure access to the system’s resources. Follow these steps to login Pointclickcare.

Access Pointclickcare Portal

Open your web browser and search Pointclickcare CNA to visit their website and click on the login button.

Enter username & Password

On the Pointclickcare Page, you will get the option to type your username and password. Enter the credential password which is provided by the administration of health care.

Click login

After entering your credential username and password click on the login button. It will submit your details and allow you to login to the CNA Pointclickcare system.

Navigate CNA dashboard

Depending on your client consents, you will be directed to a dashboard or landing page. In case you’re not automatically directed to the CNA module, search for a menu or navigation bar where you can access specific modules. Select the CNA module from there.

Access Patient Records

After logging in, you will be able to get access to check patient records, enter notes, view schedules, and perform other tasks related to your role as a CNA within the Pointclickcare system.

Log Out

After completing all the required processes you can log out from Pointcare CNA website.

Access Requirements for POC CNA:

These are some of the essential requirements for accessing POC CNA-

  1. Username and Password Creation: You need to have a unique username and password. Normally your username is a mix of your initials and last name. Besides that you need to create a unique password for account security.
  2. Valid Email Address: It is required that all users should register with a substantial email address. This is a very basic yet very important requirement for getting notifications on any adjustments, updates, or significant news connected with PointClickCare CNA, to make sure that all users get informed.
  3. Secure Internet connections: For a smooth experience on the PointClickCare platform, secure and fast internet connections are required such as WiFi, Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox to protect websites against potential security threats.
  4. Compatible devices: Compatible computer devices such as mobile, laptop, tablet and PC devices are required to access the full range of CNA point of care.

How to Reset Your Forgotten Password:

  1. If you have forgotten your password you can reset your password by following these steps:
  2. Go to the PointClickCare CNA website and click on the login button.
  3. Select “Forgot Password”.
  4. Enter your email address associated with your POC CNA account and click submit. 
  5. Soon, you will get an email from PointClickCare with a secure link. Click on it, and you will divert to the password reset page.
  6. On the password reset page, enter the new password twice for confirmation. Your new password should be of eight characters with one letter, one number, and one special character.
  7. After effectively resetting your password, you can utilize the new certifications to sign into the PointClickCare CNA website and keep getting access to its features and services.

Key Benefits of Using PointClickCare CNA:

Utilizing pointclickcare CNA includes some of key benefits such as-

Enhanced Care Coordination

PointClickCare Upgraded Care Coordination intends to work on the nature of care, improve correspondence among medical services suppliers, and smooth out care processes for better patient outcomes. 

Real-time Analytics

In Pointclickcare, real time data allows clients to get access and analyze data as soon as it updates within the system.

Streamlined Documentation

In Pointclickcare, streamlined documentation refers to the process of efficiently documenting, managing and getting information of care related documentation within the platform.

Cost Efficiency

Pointclickcare helps in reducing labor cost by automating the process of resident admission, billing schedule, and reporting.

Increased Mobility

PointClickCare, upgrades mobility by giving medical care experts easy access to fundamental patient data and the management tools from anytime anywhere with the mobile app and better internet connection.

Features of POC CNA: 

Electronic Health Record System

In PointClickCare, electronic health record system streamlined long-term care facilities. This includes features such as resident demographics, medical history, medication management, treatment plans, and progress notes.

Enhanced Communication

In Pointclickcare, Enhanced communication incorporates features like customizable notifications for important events, such as medication reminders, care plan updates, or critical incidents.

Comprehensive Reporting

In pointclickcare, comprehensive reporting enables features like offering bits of knowledge into patient consideration and results, detailed documentation of clients and more.

Customized Care Planning

This feature allows healthcare providers to make custom-made care plans for patients, advancing more powerful and customized care conveyance.

Secure Data Exchange

This feature ensures secure sharing of patient information among healthcare service experts and providing accurate medical records.


POC is a medical organization that provides personal treatment at home with proficiency and adaptability. It provides home access help to patients. Patients can easily make appointments on staff or clinical gadgets. Besides that, Pointclickcare CNA is one of the best platforms for certified nursing assistants who want to enhance their career and improve patient health. By offering a variety of elements and advantages intended to smooth out tasks, cultivate correspondence, and guarantee the conveyance of great consideration, PointClickCare CNA is an important tool of any dedicated healthcare professional.

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