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Hydra Bot is an amazing new Discord music bot that enables you to stream music directly to your server without worrying about services such as Spotify and YouTube. It is one of the most well-liked bots for task automation on the app and offers several options for playing music.

With Discord shutting down Groovy and Rhythm, the popular music bots that were previously available on the app, Hydra emerged as the de facto Discord music bot. The cease and desist letter from Google, which forbade them from playing music on YouTube and its other services, caused these bots to be shut down.

You can stream music straight to your Discord server from other services like Deezer, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms by using the Hydra music bot. Because of its ability to reduce the number of unsuccessful song requests, Hydra has become a well-liked and potent music bot on Discord servers. 

What is Hydra?

Hydra is a bot on Discord. Numerous bots are available to enhance your Discord server with various functionalities. Certain bots add mini-games that community members can play together, while others give admins new moderating capabilities. A music bot is called Hydra. It is one of several Discord bots designed to play music in your voice chat channels.

Members of the community can queue up songs for a collaborative playlist using Hydra. To allow everyone in that channel to listen in unison, Hydra jumps into the chat and starts playing the playlist. Hydra is essentially your server’s personal DJ, playing music that guests request and maintaining the appropriate atmosphere.

Why use the Hydra bot? Features of Hydra Bot

Hydra isn’t the only music bot available, but it does have a few distinctive features that set it apart.

1. Web dashboard: 

While other bots frequently use obscure text commands, Hydra’s web dashboard makes it easy for administrators to modify permissions and settings. This greatly facilitates the process of tailoring the bot to your community’s requirements.

2. Dedicated song request channel: 

Hydra’s dedicated song request channel priorities usability, much like the web dashboard. Hydra only displays the songs that are currently in the queue and a customized player module on this unique channel, keeping it neat and organized. To use the bot, one does not need to learn the correct commands because the player features buttons for play/pause, skip, shuffle, and more.

3. More commands: 

Hydra has a long command list for people who want a lot of control over what plays and who can queue songs. You can set up individual queuing permissions and voice channel white lists with Hydra.

4. Extensive platform and language support: 

With support for over 20 languages, Hydra is multilingual and a great option for servers with a global user base. Users of Hydra can also queue songs from almost all of the major music platforms. This allows your community to queue up their favorite obscure remixes as well as today’s hits with more freedom.

5. Reaction Roles: 

Hydra was first developed as a music bot, but its functionality has been enhanced with the addition of this feature by the Hydra team. By enabling community members to self-assign appropriate roles, moderators and administrators can save a great deal of time in handling role requests. Although not exclusive to Hydra, this feature is a welcome addition to an already potent music bot.

How do you add a Hydra bot to your Discord server?

  • You must first go to the Hydra.bot website to get started.
  • After landing on the home screen, click Invite and log into your Discord account.
  • You will need to choose your server from the list of servers you currently own and accept the standard permissions.
  • Discord will launch and the Hydra bot will appear in the user list on the right side of the screen once you have granted all permissions.

How to use the Hydra bot in your Discord server?

  • Make sure you have at least one voice channel before using the Hydra bot.
  • In a text channel, type.setup (any will do). This will set up the channel from which you can operate the Hydra bot.
  • Next, choose the #hydra-song-requests channel and input the desired song’s title.
  • You can enter the song’s name after the. play command. However, you can add a song to the list by just typing its name; no commands are required. It ought to appear something like this, for instance: Fancy Like by Walker Hayes. Once you hit enter, the song will begin to play.
  • The emojis that appear beneath the song that is currently playing can be used to change the channel.

You can easily drag and drop the Hydra bot to a new voice channel to relocate it, and it will begin operating immediately. That is the only thing involved.

Even though they are extremely uncommon, there are some songs that the bot doesn’t seem to be able to locate. Furthermore, I’m not quite sure where the music is coming from, but it’s really good. Honestly, it sounds even better than the free music receiving from Spotify.

How to Request Songs in Your Discord Server?

You can now listen to music on Discord while on the same voice channel as other server members after configuring your Hydra bot in your Discord server. To control the music bot and request songs, follow these steps:

  1. To submit a song request, go to Hydra’s text channel (#hydra-song-request), and type “.
  2. Play the artist name and song title” in the message field, and press Enter.
  3. A song’s album cover and play, pause, replay, and other music controls will show up when you request it.
  4. By entering the request command (“.play artist name song title”) and pressing Enter, you can also add a song to the queue.
  5. If you make additional song requests after your initial request, a queue list will show up.

Hydra bot Discord commands:

The Hydra bot has a lot of features, and its commands are listed on the commands page. Some of its functions are as follows:

1. Commands available to everyone

These commands are listed on the commands page as being accessible to all users:

  • .help: The help menu is displayed here. Another way to use this command is to type. h.
  • .lyrics: There are two additional aliases, which are .lyric and.ly. The lyrics to the song that is currently playing are displayed.
  • .lyrics <song title>: The lyrics to the specified song are displayed by this command.
  • .ping: Ping reveals the latency of the bot.
  • .ping was: Ping ws displays the bot’s WebSocket latency.
  • .play file: This command allows you to play the file attached to a message
  • .ping rest: Ping rest displays the bot’s rest latency.
  • Playlist: Playlist plays the default playlist that you have saved.
  • .playlist list: A list of the playlists you’ve saved.
  • .queue: Every song you’ve added to a queue display in Queue. 
  • .premium status: This lets you see the premium status of both your user and server.
  • .search <song name>: This allows you to look up and select a particular song.
  • .songinfo: This displays the song’s details that you are currently listening to.
  • .songinfo<song number>: This displays a particular song’s detail within the queue.
  • .voteskip: You can vote to skip the current track using this.

2. DJ commands:

An individual in a DJ role can use the following Hydra commands:

  • .clear: This can be to remove items from the current queue.
  • .leave: This switches off the bot’s voice channel connection.
  • .loop: The queue, song, and off are the three loop modes that are cycled through.
  • .loop queue: This plays backwards in your queue.
  • .move <song number>: The chosen song is now at the front of the queue.
  • .loop off: This facilitates the removal of looping.
  • .loop song: This repeats the song that is currently playing.
  • .move <from> <to>: This places it in a predetermined location.
  • .move swap <from> <to>: This causes the queue’s track positions to change.
  • .move last: The final track is now at the front of the queue as a result.
  • .replay: This facilitates playing the current song again.

3. Admin commands:

These commands are only available to those who possess administrator rights:

  • .ban <user>: This enables you to prevent users from operating the bot.
  • .language: This displays the language that the bot is currently set to speak.
  • .language list: This allows you to view the available languages.
  • .limit: The present set limits display here. 
  • .language set <language key>: This enables you to set the Hydra bot’s language preference.
  • .playlists: This allows you to either enable or disable playlist queueing.
  • .prefix: It displays the current prefix here.
  • .prefix <new prefix>: This aids in creating a new prefix.
  • .unban <user>: This allows you to unban a user who was previously banned.

4. Premium commands:

Those with a Hydra bot premium subscription can use the following premium commands:

  • .24/7: Toggle the bot to remain in the channel to stay 24/7.
  • .autoplay: This turns on and off the bot’s continuous playback of suggested tracks.
  • .bassboot: The bass boost level displays here.
  • .demon: The demon filter toggles by this.
  • .filter: The demon filter toggles by this.
  • .filter reset: This can be to reset every filter.
  • .nightcore: Toggle the nightcore filter with this.
  • .speed: This makes the music you’re listening to faster.
  • .volume 1-200: This lets you adjust the output level of the bot.
  • .volume default 1-200: This allows you to adjust the output volume of the bot by default.


Hydra bot is an excellent tool for effectively managing Discord servers. Its many features and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for any Discord user. It is ideal for gaming communities because of its many features. The fact that it continuously updates with new features and bug fixes makes it an excellent bot to use as well.

Not only is the Hydra bot on Discord incredibly helpful, but its developers are truly remarkable. Strong and constantly adding new features, Hydra is a bot with plenty of power. It is a great, user-friendly option for creators who wish to share a more enjoyable and welcoming space with their community, even though it is undoubtedly not the only bot available.

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