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Instagram is the most popular platform among users. Over the years the Growth of the platform has increased immensely. Billions of active users from all around the world are using this platform. Additionally, Instagram is popular for adding and removing features from its story section more rapidly than ever. The platform and its features are mostly useful for brands and creators. They use it to engage with their followers and their target audience. It has different tools for different objectives. One of them is Instagram Stories. In this blog, we are going to explore all the details of Instagram Stories. We will also discuss the Instagram story viewer tool along with its key features and benefits.  

What is an Instagram Story?

It’s a feature on Instagram, where the list of people who viewed your IG story appears. The Instagram app allows you to post stories for 24 hours. It’s an excellent method to generate views and connect with your audience. Most brands and businesses use this method to run their visual marketing campaigns. In their IG story, they share a glimpse of the product to enhance the engagement of followers and measure the impact. The brands and creators have started using this feature strategically to analyze the engagement of their IG stories. The number of comments, views, shares, and saves helps you to get an idea of it. 

The Evolution of Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories came into reality in August 2016. It was an additional feature to share their photos and videos. That share was to remain for 24 hours. After it’s launched, the feature has been changed completely for different purposes. Some people use it to share different activities in their lives. While some are using it to promote their business online. Various reputed brands are using this feature to showcase their products. They create high-quality images and videos to share on story. It helps them to achieve their business goal. It includes creating a positive brand image and getting reach. Additionally it helps them to engage with their target audience, effectively.

How does Instagram Story Views Work?

The Instagram story views work in reverse chronological order when your story has been viewed by less than 50 users. Once the list of story viewers goes over 50 users, the story viewers list is sorted differently. A secret algorithm is used by Instagram to rank the most interactive users at the top of the list. The algorithm considers different factors to rank the users at the top of the story viewer list. It includes profile visits, likes, and comments.

How does Instagram sort Story viewers?

The Instagram algorithm considers different factors to sort the list of story viewers. The algorithm uses a combination of factors to sort the list. Find some of its key factors mentioned below-

  • The first factor is that the Instagram algorithm uses reverse chronological order to sort the list of top viewers until your story receives less than 50 views.
  • If the account user reacts to your story through likes, avatars, or emoji they will be displayed at the top of the story viewer list.
  • The Instagram algorithm also considers those account users who send replies to your story through DMs. Their reply will be visible as the top story viewer.
  • If your story has received more than 50 views then these are the top followers who constantly visit your profile and react to your story through likes, comments, or DM.
  • Profile views are another factor that impacts story viewer order. As per the Instagram algorithms, the account users who have visited your profile top the story viewer list.
  • Ever since Meta acquired Instagram, Facebook friends can also view your IG story. Their profiles are also visible at the top of the story viewer list.

What is Instagram Story Viewer Tool?

It’s a third party tool. It allows you to view and download someone’s story privately. This is free to use and perfect for people, who want to secretly view the story of profiles they are fascinated by. It gives you the access to watch stories of profiles, which you don’t follow. With the help of this tool you can view their stories without letting the account holder know. People use this tool to do marketing research and competitor research. Some users also use this tool to stalk the profile and stories of their love interest privately. There are many third- party Instagram viewer tools. It includes InstaNavigation, Insanony, insta story viewer and more.

How to use Instagram story viewer tool?

The process of using the tool is very simple all you need to do is-

  • Download your preferred story viewer tool
  • Enter the Instagram account’s URL or the username in the search box.
  • Click on the ‘Search’ button.
  • Now you have access to the stories. 

What are the benefits of Instagram story viewer Tool? 

1. Maintains privacy:

Instagram story viewer allows you to maintain your privacy while viewing others’ stories. That means you can view someone’s IG story without letting them know that you have seen them.

2. Research Purpose:

Another advantage of IG story viewer is you can use it for market research, competitor research, user behavior, and the latest trends. An IG story viewer lets you research and collect valuable insights without letting your competitor’s account know that you are watching their story.

3. View Unfollowed Account Story:

An Ig story viewer lets you view the stories of accounts that you don’t follow. By using this tool you can browse through various Instagram stories you are interested in without being viewed on the Instagram story list. This makes it easier to keep your account information private while viewing stories of multiple unfollowed accounts.

Key Features of Instagram Story Viewer Tool:

Instagram story viewer is a tool with different features. It is designed to enhance user experience while engaging with Instagram content. Find some of its key features mentioned below-

1. Anonymity:

The first key feature of Instagram Story Viewer is Anonymity. By using this feature, users can view others’ IG stories privately. Users can easily browse through stories of multiple accounts without letting the account holder know. The feature is useful for users who want to keep their account information private while viewing others’ IG stories.

2. No Account Required:

Generally, users have to login to their Instagram account to view Instagram stories. But with Instagram story viewer users don’t necessarily need to do that. They can see the story without having an Instagram account. They also can see even without logging in.

3. Viewing expired content:

This feature of Instagram story viewer allows users to get access to expired content. The standard Instagram story disappears in 24 hours. By using this feature users can access the story that they have missed. They can also watch the content that is not available on Instagram anymore.

4. Device Compatibility:

Instagram story viewers can function on different devices. It includes smartphones, tablets, and computers. Users can view stories from any device thanks to its device compatibility feature.

5. Auto-Save Feature:

This feature allows you to automatically save the story as soon as they are posted. It makes sure that you don’t miss out on any of your favorite content from interested profiles.


Instagram story viewer is a perfect tool to access a diverse range of IG stories. People can use this to view, share, and even download someone’s IG story. Here we have shared all the minute details of Instagram story viewer along with its benefits and key features. 

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